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  ⟩ July 23rd 2014;

Yay!! The Dee Laytner & Randy MacLean fanlisting is now open for new members! Also new layout for Fake OVA FL ♥♥

  ⟩ July 03rd 2014;

OMG! OMG! \o/ I was also approved for Dee & Ryo fanlisting! My OTP! I'm so happy~ omg! lol ♥♥

  ⟩ June 28th 2014;

New fanlisting dedicated to my all time fave BL manga series, Fake is now open! Updated URL for Fake OVA as they would have clashed & I decided to keep them apart & not combine them- ♥♥

  ⟩ May 26th 2014;

OMG! omg! I can't believe it! I have been approved to run the Fake fanlisting by Sanami Matoh!! \o/ ♥♥