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  » December 6th 2012;

OMG! Yay! \o/ I got the approval to run the Kuroko no Basuke fanlisting!!! Please join if you are a fan of this amazing series! ♥

  » October 6th 2012;

New listing dedicated to the series, Sakamichi no Apollon also known as Kids on the Slope ~♥

  » September 4th 2012;

Latest approvals dedicated to the game/animanga series, Arcana Famiglia; the relationship between Debito, Pace & Luca and the character Debito!

  » July 25th 2012;

I adopted the Suzushiro Cayenne (Aquarion Evol) fanlisting from Nekoi and Kanki, thank you for allowing me to adopt him! ♥

  » July 20th 2012;

Finally finished my latest fanlisting dedicated to Aquarion EVOL's, Shrade Elan & Suzushiro Cayenne! Please join if you happen to be a fan of them~ ♥

  » Jun 29th 2012;

Moved all my rotations from my old blog to here! Plus, my application to run the Shrade Elan & Suzushiro Cayenne (Aquarion EVOL) fanlisting was approved!! \o/

  » May 3rd 2012;

Latest BL fanlisting dedicated to Yoneda Kou's Yakuza series, Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai! =♥

  » April 18th 2012;

Ok! The menu was giving me a headache and so I did a little redesign and it should now work in all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and even IE.

  » March 14th 2012;

Finally! The new layout is up and running and looks good in all most all browsers (FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari), except for IE, as usual, the css for the menu just won't look right! So I suggest using a better browser to view in full! Got the approval for one more fanlisting, Yoneda Kou-sensei's latest series! Should be up soon-ish! \o/

    → February 19th 2012;
My first new listing for 2012!! I'm in love with this series so very much: the Inu x Boku SS fanlisting!! Thank you so much, Wendy~ ♥