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November 18th, 2008;
I have adopted two new fanlistings, the Gravitation: Preilection fanlisting & FAKE: Randy 'Ryo' Maclean fanlisting!! A huge thank you to Morbid Romantic for allowing me to take care of them! Please do join if you haven't already.

September 12th, 2008;
New affiliate added,! The Hazzed Connection, Hazelyn's collective. Half way through another huge fanlisting clean up, so many FL's either move and don't let their members know or just close without informing members... gah! I can't believe the turn around that this fandom (?) generates; I get so many closed, moved, or adopted FL emails sent to me near daily 0.o;

July 23rd, 2008;
I've slightly altered the layout. Like even it more now~!

April 26th, 2008;
Weee~! Over a 1000 joined fanlistings!!

March 28th, 2008;
I decided on a change of layout.. even if the previous one hadn't been up that long. I really love this layout tho! I've been kinda obssessing -FAKE- for over a month now and with the 2nd season just starting out- it was only fitting that I made this! I also updated my linkage buttons and cleaned up the joined section of all those dead links, moved and/or updated. Weee~! Now go and join some of my fanlistings!!

February 18th 2008;
W00t! I finished the girl in the sky the Air: Farewell Song (Ending Theme) fanlisting! So if you're a fan please join! =)

February 14th 2008;
Yay!! I got approved for Air: Farewell Song fanlisting!

February 10th 2008;
Restless Heart (RXJ You Raise Me Up) has now been approved by The Fanlistings.org!

February 1st 2008;
Endlessly has also been given a revamp at last!

January 28th 2008;
Haruhi & Honey has been given a new look! I did like the past layout.. but I think the new one is more fitting! XD

January 23rd 2008;
Everything is now converted over to Enthusiast! If I've missed any joined fanlistings, I'll make sure to include them asap! Note: Most of my fanlistings have moved! IyxKagome Movie Scenes & Firetripper are the only listings that have kept their original URL.

January 18th 2008;
I've started the convert over to Enthusiast, so far I have updated: Foxtale (Kagome/Shippou), Of Monks & Madness (Inuyasha ep.135), Always (Inuyasha ep.162), Miko (Kagome/Kikyou) & Restless Heart (RXJ You Raise Me Up).