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November 27th 2007;
Foxtale ~ Kagome & Shippou fanlisting has been given a new look; that listing has given me a lot of trouble of late- it continues to be spamed on a regular basis, so I finally have made up my mind to either move the listing or get rid of fanbase (because it's been like 4 years since any new release). I have cleaned up most of links in the joined section moreso in the anime and movie categories.

July 9th 2007;
I got approved for the RomeoxJuliet, You Raise Me Up fanlisting! So if you're a fan of Lena Park's rendition please consider joining! Three new linkage buttons also added.

March 7th 2007;
ARGH! At last Kaze no Uta ~ Fukai Mori Symphonic Theme fanlisting finally gets its long over due face list and when I tell you it really needed it—it did! I cleaned the entire list up and polished up the codes; it really does look so much better!!! I've also made a few new linkage buttons (for here) and started to clean up a lot of links up in the joined section especially in the anime and movie categories.

December 11th 2006;
Eh! What's this!? Can it be that I actually updated? Heh.. I've removed a lot of dead links & updated moved listings; also added + revamped my linkage buttons. Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Septemeber 19th 2006;
I've finally opened a new IY fanlisting (after a bit of a break); Kagome & Kikyou fanlisting, which I adopted from Riley. It was a really great surprise too! Kagome & Kikyou was on my wishlist XD

Septemeber 2nd 2006;
Thanks to the lovely Neko & special praise to the shiny one! I have my very first Ouran Koukou Host Club fanlisting!! Wai~! Me so happiez! I adopted smily ( it's cute ! ) the Haruhi & Honey fanlisting! If you're fan, please go join!

August 12th 2006;
I have one new affiliate, please welcome the very lovely Myun and her fanlisting collective Chromatic! XD

July 27th 2006;
I've finally completed the revamp and total convert to PHP on Douhou - Inuyasha & Sesshoumaru Doujinshi fanlisting. I completely gutted it and started from scratch, it was worth all the work and it does look really shiny!! ^-^v

June 30th 2006;
Itazurana Kiss - Inuyasha Movie 2 Scenes: Inuyasha & Kagome's First Kiss fanlisting has finally had an overhaul! Check it out!

May 29th 2006;
Untamed Wilderness - Aoki Yasei wo daite fanlisting has had a make over; in (belated) honour of Kappei Yamaguchi's birthday (May 23rd) & Satsuki Yukino's birthday (May 25th)!!

May 28th 2006;
Whoosh! I managed to update new layouts for Always - InuYasha Ep.162, Of Monks & Madness - InuYasha Ep.135, More than Words - InuYasha, Quotes Of and Mamoru Mono he no Ryoku - Music Of, InuYasha Movie 3 Fanlistings (so far!). I'm doing a complete make over for all my older listings in the collective. A much needed thing if you ask me!!


Another new affiliate Aftermath Medli's fanlisting collective! General fanlisting clean up, and a few new joinables also updated.


Very special thanks go out to Crystal, who accepted my adoption application to take over Foxtale: The Higurashi Kagome & Shippou Fanlisting. Go join if you're also a fan!!


Ember Flames has been given a brand new look! Go visit & maybe join?!


I've added new linkage buttons and joined a lot of new fanlistings including updated links of moved sites.. Plus the Tsubasa (Reservoir) Chronicle: Endlessly fanlisting has been finished and now open!


I have joined Mokona Love! clique and also added another new affiliate: Kanjou, Midoriko's Fanlisting & Site Collective!


My application for the beautiful song "Endlessly" (Tsubasa (Reservoir) Chronicle) fanlisting has been approved! I've also been on a joining spree the last few days >_< Believe me, if I ever get around to converting the joined section into PHP script run it will be a rather lengthy process.. eeee!


I have another new affiliate: Huyuzora, Stephanie's Fanlisting & Site Collective!


Added a few new linkage buttons and cleaned up my joined fanlistings for dead links and moved sites.. Plus the InuYasha: Tenka Hadou no Ken Music Of fanlisting is finally finished and now open!


At last, I've updated Of Monks and Madness: Inuyasha ep. 135 fanlisting, Always..: Inuyasha ep. 162 fanlisting and moved Behold the Shiny One: Krystal (Hyouden.net) fanlisting!


The InuYasha: Quotes Of fanlisting is now finished and open!


The Aoki Yasei wo Daite fanlisting is now finished and open!


I got approval from TAFLN to build the Aoki Yasei wo Daite (Inuyasha single one) fanlisting and Inuyasha, Quotes of approved by the Taboolistings. I also applied for Tsubasa (Reservoir) Chronicle: Tusbasa, but I didn't get it. ='(


New layout & total make over! Now doesn't this look better now that I actually thought about how to organize this collective? I am now accepting affiliates! Please email me if you're interested, but I am only accepting anime/manga themed fanlisting/site collectives at this time. Mucho plugging for my very first affiliate, J'Adore Krystal's fanlisting collective!