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Welcome to Fanatic, the fanlisting collective of Angie. Here you'll find links to all the fanlistings I own and maintain, as well as a list of all the fanlistings that I've joined.

I own various fanlistings mainly based on anime/manga and video games all approved by TAFL, TFL and TAL. Feel free to browse and join what you'd like!

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  ⟩ June 20th 2019;

I've been re-reading Fake & feeling nostalgic about my beloved otp, Dee & Ryo so I decided to revamp their fanlisting! ♥

  ⟩ June 14th 2019;

Wow! It has been years since my last fanlisting~ I'm excited! Introducing the Kagami Taiga fanlisting (:

  ⟩ May 10th 2019;

In celebration of Kuroko no Basket recently turning 10 years old (and aokaga day 2019), I've totally revamped and added new layouts to the Kuroko no Basket and Aomine Daiki & Kagami Taiga fanlistings!

  ⟩ May 5th 2019;

I've finally gotten the inspiration to do a full revamp on my fanlisting collective! I hope it looks alright in other browsers as I've only tested in firefox/waterfox and chrome tbh.

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