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Angie's fanlisting & site collective. Here you'll find links to all the fanlistings I maintain as well as the listings I've joined and my site directory.

The fanlistings found here are all approved by TAFL, TFL, and TAL. So please feel free to browse and join what you'd like! This site is designed for a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher and is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox.

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  ⟩ July 17th 2016;

First fanlisting of 2016!!! The Aomine Daiki vs. Kagami Taiga fanlisting~ \o/

  ⟩ May 14th 2015;

First fanlisting of the year and it is another OTP listing!!! The Aomine Daiki & Kagami Taiga fanlisting~ my precious OTP is now ready for all new members! Join! Join! \o/

  ⟩ May 11th 2015;

OMG!!! I can't believe it ♥ I was approved to run the Aomine Daiki & Kagami Taiga fanlisting~ my precious OTP! To celebrate my 2nd Kurobasu listing I decided to revamp the Kuroko no Basuke fanlisting and if you're a fan of this amazing series please join!

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